6 Months life of a CDAC student

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Life of a CDAC student

CDAC is the great opportunity to shine yourself in IT field. It’s like your four year engineering is compressed to 6 months. I am sure you will learn more technical stuff in this 6 months than in your engineering. Whatever you did in your engineering is doesn’t matters if you work hard and smart in this 6 six months your career graph will be linear.

 Let’s go in detail discussion of 6 months life of CDAC students

CDAC life after your Engineering or Graduation. 6 months of CDAC journey

Let’s divide whole 6 months CDAC course into three phases.

  1. First 2 months
  2. Second 2 months
  3. Third 2 months

First 2 months of CDAC life

In CDAC they will start teaching you from day 1. In most institutions first week or even for less than a week they will teach you c language basics. In the first month you feel like the schedule of CDAC is very hectic as you are not habituated to sitting for long hours in your classrooms and more and more assignments are keep on bouncing over your heads.  In between you need to give weekend tests don’t worry test are only multiple choice question and answer type. Simultaneously, they will do verification process of academics documents without effecting your classes.  

After your c language basics they will slowly go into your each modules as of syllabus. For the first 2 months you will more likely or unlikely try to adjust to CDAC schedule and trained yourself to run along with CDAC fast training system.

Second 2 months of CDAC life

Now, by this time almost everyone gets settled and starts enjoying coding! You starts working for more than 12 hours per day even more but, you will definitely enjoy it. People starts technical discussion everywhere in class rooms, lab sessions etc. It’s good idea for you to start practicing aptitude by this period because in long you will not get enough time for aptitude practice.  In this phase of CDAC course your will find more contacts and friends helping in your assignments, solving your bugs and fighting with you on technical arguments more profession friends!

You can find people forming their own individual groups like in your engineering.  These connections will help you to grow in your profession career.

Third 2 months of CDAC life

By this time almost all your CDAC modules gets completed. You will be very busy in your project work preparing documentations. At the same time you need to prepare for CDAC end module exam (CCEE) which is mandatory to pass in this examination to attend for placements. Along with preparing for your end module exam you need to be prepared for your technical interviews also as the very next month you placements will gets started.

The last month of your six months CDAC course is completely dedicated for your placements. Most waited phase of CDAC course. Companies starts visiting to campus the very first week of your sixth month of CDAC course. Even after completion of sixth month of CDAC course you will be attending for placements. But your class rooms are occupied by next batch students. For more details about CDAC placements you can read CDAC placements process

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Can you give some information about how to prepare for cdac end exam


yes good information for fresher like me..

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