the demand for overseas travel is rapidly increasing. A lot of people are visiting Vietnam.There’s a reason why many people visit 성인용품 Vietnam.Then, why did many people turn to Vietnam via the Philippines, Thailand, etc.?First, the appearance is pretty.Vietnamese people have better faces and bodies than other Southeast Asian countries.In the case of women, there are many people whose skin is whiter than Koreans. In particular, in the northern part of the country, there are many cases where the face is similar to the Korean people. Second, the food has no resistance to the taste of Koreans.If you visit Vietnam, you will feel that Vietnamese food suits Korean taste unexpectedly. Since the food culture is similar to that of Korea, you can enjoy a pleasant trip while eating delicious food without feeling any difference.Third, Vietnamese people, especially young people, have a good feeling about Koreans.Various Korean cultures such as movies, bts, blackpink.